Press & Awards:


Alyson Beaton is an inter-disciplinary designer/maker and entrepreneur. She was born in Ohio but spent a lot of her life moving around the Southern US, living in towns on the Texas/Mexico border since she was 10 years old. She started her love affair with making, by buying her first Singer sewing machine when she was 12 years old. She went on to study architecture at Texas A&M University and received her BED (undergraduate architecture) in 1997. After undergrad she moved to Italy for a short time, which allowed her to travel around Europe, studying the architecture of Le Corbusier and other great architects. It was in her travels that she fell in love with the cities & the built environment, but above all, the unique cultures that reside in them. She came to learn, that beauty in life is in spaces and communities that people create.

When she moved back to the US, she started her career as an intern architect at Corgan Associates Architects in Dallas, Texas. It was after about three years of working, that she decided to pursue her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing on Visual Communications, which she completed in 2003. Upon completing her degree she presented her masters thesis “The Store,” an installation showcasing her artists books illustrating her study of suburban sprawl, big box stores and consumerism. Immediately after finishing her degree, she worked as photo editor and contributor to complete the co-authored book, The Business of Holidays, edited by Maud Lavin and published by the Monacelli Press. From there she decided to teach, and continue to hone her craft by creating limited edition projects in her letterpress studio.

Her body of work truly started in 2006 with the release of her own co-authored book Grow: An Environmentally Friendly Book, published by the Featherproof Books of Chicago. From there she created a series of activity sheets called Imagine Your World, to engage children to learn about how we are all part of a larger global system through the exploration of city, neighborhood, home, family, and garden/meal. It was through creating these two projects that helped her to understand her her own artist/designer mission: that love, home and connection to community is a wonderfully binding force for humanity.

In her work, she is constantly experimenting with material, color, and making methods to create images, products, spaces, and printed matter that tell a story. Her work is inspired by her life and her love of her little home, whether she is renovating it, so it will live for another 100 years or if she is making a product that is inspired by it, she believes that if you love where you live that your community will flourish. She launched her line, “lille huset” (architectural paper houses) in 2012 on kickstarter and her entrepreneurial venture began. After putting herself in the shoes of a small start up business she has gained knowledge about starting a creative business and bringing a product to market, she continues to work independently and with independent design companies to help them build their brands and tell their stories. She collaborates with many people on many of her projects and lives with her husband, two kids and dog and works out of her studio in east Austin.

Highlighted Design Collaborations:

Barneys NYC, Monica & Andy, Seaside Florida, Nickelodeon Studios, Windham Fabrics.

Highlighted Retailers:

Paper Source, J Crew, Nordstrom, National Building Museum, Walker Art Center, National Gallery Museum Shop, AIA Philadelphia Museum Shop, and many more.