O+A: Prompt 004

Prompt: Human analysis: experience two socially and economically disparate neighborhoods. For example: Old Town and Cabrini, Wicker Park and Humbolt Park, Lincoln Park and Garfield Park, The Loop and Pilsen, Hyde Park and Bronzeville, Rogers Park and Evanston, Oak Park and Austin, (there are many more places). While you are observing these areas make note…

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Professors: Alyson Beaton & Gary Rozanc Description Students will study human derived systems and how they relate to Urban communities. Through a group centered structure students will explore, present, debate and write about their systems over the course of the semester. Projects will result in gaining a full understanding of how these systems overlap through graphic explorations, illustration, mapping, & model building. *NOTE: This course was written and developed by Alyson Beaton and Gary Rozanc and only run one time. The findings presented in the following posts are from the data collected by the students in the course