About two years ago, once we finished our kitchen renovation, I was inspired to get organized. Being a designer, this desire can get you into lots of trouble. You find yourself sketching and thinking about things that bug you. The thing I landed on was my hideous collection of free totes we had collected over the years. They were all dirty and had a variety of things in the bottom, from receipts to onion skins. Some were falling apart, you know the ones.. the ones made of recycled plastic bottles, I mean I am all for recycling, but not if the new product is going to fall apart immediately. Anyway, I digress. So I was on the task, I accepted the personal challenge to improve my tote collection AND to create totes that are for each use AND made in the USA of quality materials. I figured: the kids needed lunch totes, and Matt requested a plain navy blue “dude tote” and I really wanted “Food” and “Home” I created several more rounding out the collection.