I wanted to create an installation with my houses to create a community event in Logan Square for the holidays. This installation would be a holiday spectacle for kids to come and look into the houses and enjoy a little scavenger hunt through the models. The models would all be in the spirit of the project: A celebration of the city, the interesting insides of houses that all look the same from the outside but are inhabited by individuals who have made them each uniquely their own. I also wanted to showcase some of the local businesses in miniature scale. I decided to do the installation at the Comfort Station gallery in Logan Square and invite local artists to decorate the houses any way they like. I also saw it as an opportunity to be a model example of the books that I had published, each book with a house all its own. I decorated the house for Blow Wind Blow and made the local businesses while invited artists did the rest. Artists include: Alyson Beaton, Alysia Kaplan, Jillian Barthold, Rachel Coulter, Sarah Mallin, Zachary Dodson, Petra Probstner, and Gabrielle Bakanec.