When I first created lille huset dollhouses, they were a mix of wood and paperboard. The idea behind the paperboard being and ephemeral surface that a person can feel open to making completely their own. The initial designs only had a wood front and the rest was paperboard. After the first season and the release of the product in this way, I found that the paperboard was not holding up like I had hoped in the floors. Over time it would start to droop and although kids didn’t seem to care, I could not stand that it was not perfect. So I went back to the drawing boards and came back with our all paperboard version which you can see in other posts. I also wanted to have a wooden version but with a bit less paper. So I designed this house that has birch front, back, and floors. The non structural pieces I left in the paperboard and I really love the way they turned out.

The dolls I did in collaboration with a company called Goose Grease , she and I collaborated on the colors and adding the little mouth to my dolls.


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